Kid's Essential Oils Rollers for Back-to-School

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Back to school season is among us. And it truly is a season of its own. We’re not quite to the pumpkin everything, sweaters and cozy fires season and it definitely doesn't feel like summer due to the frantic schedules. So, it is back to school season! This means its time to get those kiddos ready to take on the school days! What better way to do that than by whipping up a few roller bottles to keep in their backpack, gym bag, and lunch box?

We have rounded up some kid-friendly, mama-sanity saving oil recipes just for you during this hectic season! Because lets be real… kids need an courage boost? There’s an oil for that. They have a tummy ache? There’s an oil for that. Focus on homework? There’s an oil for that!  There’s basically an oil for everything… Plus all these blends go hand in hand with our super fun boys and girls labels from our Astrobarn Design store! You can find them all here.

So sit back and let us show you a few potions that will make this back to school season a bit less hectic and a lot more oily.

*These blends are made for 10 mL roller bottles, if you are making the blend in a 5 mL, use half the specified drops of each oil then fill up the rest with whatever carrier oil you would like to use! We love sunflower and vitamin e oil.



Brave Roller

Some little ones need a boost of courage when starting a new year of school. This is the perfect blend to roll on their wrists, behind their ears, and on their tummy (where the butterflies live!)

  • Orange 8 drops
  • Frankincense 5 drops
  • Vetiver 8 drops

Our “Brave Princess Crown” would display these oils perfectly for your little girls and our “Brave Firetruck” is sure to make those sweet little boys feel like they can take on pretty much anything.

Tummy Roller

If your kiddo need some relief after a bit too much cafeteria food, this is a great roller to pack in their lunchbox!

  • Fennel 8 drops
  • Ginger 8 drops
  • Spearmint 4 drops
We have the cutest “Cupcake Tummy” and a “Pizza Tummy” label  that is sure to put a smile on their faces. 


Ouch Roller

When our kids are on the playground, owies are bound to happen.  We love this boo-boo blend to promote healing and get them back on the monkey bars in no time. 

  • Lavender 15 drops
  • Frankincense  3 drops
  • Tea Tree 2 drops

We have an ”Ouch Cactus” labels  that would be perfect for this blend!


Focus Roller

When the wiggles hit, it can take some serious magic to get little ones to focus on their studies. Roll this blend on their wrists and across their crown during homework time or right before they walk out the door. We wont judge if you sneak some for yourself too ;)

(it smells incredible!)

  • Vetiver 8 drops
  • Cedar wood 5 drops
  • Lavender 5 drops

This magical blend would be perfect with our “Magic Wand” or “Magic Potion” labels!  



There you have it oily friends. Four awesome blends to help those kiddos and you during this school season! Let us know how you are loving these blends and your labels! We will be posting Part 2 with even more recipes for keeping your kiddos prepped for the school year (like all the immunity boosting oils!)

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Happy Schooling!


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