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If you follow our Instagram account you are likely familiar with the creative branding aspect of my design business.  There are few combinations that excite me as much as essential oils and graphic design, which makes writing a creative design blog filled with brands for oily makers, business builders, and all around boss babes and fellas a natural part of our process.  We are so excited to introduce our first branding post.

If you have been loving your essential oils for a while (or if not, you can get started here), you might have considered the best way to carry them with you. Kate, the owner of Modern Makerie, has you covered.  She creates adorable bags that carry your oil bottles, rollers, and all your on-the-go necessities with several styles in the cutest prints.  Check out her site here:

When Kate asked about rebranding, I was so excited! Her vision is right up my alley, and she has a great eye for design.  Check out the logos we created for Modern Makerie.



I have been wanting to design die cut business cards for a client for a while now.  Using the crystal in the design, it seemed like the perfect brand to conceptualize this option. 


The product inserts are an eye catching touch to give the customer when they first open their product.  It gives them the element of professionalism, all while informing them that their items were handmade with love and attention to detail.


Finally, here is the overall look for the branding we created for Modern Makerie in a brand board.  These are new options we are including in our shop.  They are used as a map, or guideline for the overall design, visuals, purpose, future marketing materials, and contains all your brand elements. 


We hope you enjoyed this peek into the branding process for Modern Makerie!  For more design posts, follow the Branding Monday tag and we will see you next week for a peek into our branding of another one of our favorite makers, Wood and Oils.



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