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Fall is officially here and all is right in the world. It’s the season of crisp air, oversized sweaters and roasting marshmallows by a campfire. The last thing that should be on our minds is how our favorite seasonal scents could be polluting our healthy homes. So we whipped up some of our favorite fall essential oil blends that we’re sure your pumpkin spice loving heart will adore! 


Sweet Autumn Perfume Roller


It is true that you can use essential oils to replace many of the everyday items you use, including perfume! Store bought perfumes are one of the items we quickly threw out of house due to all the toxins and synthetic chemicals they contain. This roller blend is the perfect recipe to carry your favorite Autumn scents on the go.


6 drops cardamom 

3 drops tangerine

2 drops nutmeg

3 drops clove

2 drops cinnamon

fill with carrier oil 


Campfire Diffuser Blend


Campfires are one of our favorite things to enjoy in cooler weather. There’s nothing like gathering around a campfire with friends and family to roast marshmallows and enjoy each others company. Bring that deliciously warm and cozy smell indoors with our favorite diffuser blend.


2 drops vetiver

2 drops clove

1 drop black pepper

2 drops cypress


Pumpkin Spice Room Spray


Is it really fall without something pumpkin spice? Not in our books. Warning.. after using this room spray you might be tempted to go get a PSL. At least this version is calorie free? 


2 drops cinnamon

5 drops orange 

1 drop ginger

3 drops clove

3 drops cedar wood 

splash of witch hazel

fill 4 oz glass spray bottle with distilled water 



There you have it, friends. The most perfect Autumn essential oils recipes that are sure to put a smile on all your faces. Have a healthy, cozy Fall!



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-Brittney & Kim


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